Context Marketing. Why getting it right is so hard!

Falling down the stairs

“You must be Kate, the girlfriend, I’ve heard so much about”. Argh. Retreat. FAIL. EPIC FAIL. “No, this is Lauren”. We have all done it: Said the wrong thing at the right moment or the right thing at the wrong moment, depending on how you look at it. And we all try really hard not to do it. It is just so embarrassing and it makes you look bad.

However, when it comes to digital, we do it all the time. We send out wrong messages all the time because we are not getting the context right.

Getting it wrong

Let me give you a small example. A while back, I bought a PlayStation 4 for my kids and in the process I googled information and looked up prices and availability. I finally decided to buy the PlayStation online from supplier X. The week after, I received a newsletter from supplier X with an offer for a new PlayStation 4. In a way, it was the right message, but the timing was completely wrong as I had already bought the thing. However, what would have been great to receive in my mailbox were recommendations of great PS4 games for my kids and maybe a great offer on extra PS4 gear. That would have been highly relevant and valuable information. Anyway, that did not happen, so even though the newsletter was in the ballpark. It was not hitting my seat. Miiiisss.

Getting it right

What would it take for supplier X to get it right?

Firstly, the sales system registering my PlayStation 4 purchase should have been real time aligned with the newsletter content production. A cleverly designed engagement flow should then have been trickered by my PlayStation 4 purchase. Okay, so she bought the PlayStation, now she will be open for buying games and extra gear. Getting this information would have made me a happier customer.

However doing that is not as easy as it might sound.

Integrating systems, like the shop sales system and the online sales system with the e-mail system,  is not easy and it can be costly. Not to mention, that these systems need to be decent to begin with and not some old c… (sorry)

Also you need someone to create the engagement flow and make great and relevant content. That is not easy either. It requires strategy and resources to nail it.

In addition, the management of a company might not even see the sense in doing it, because no one made a decent business case explaining why it makes economic sense.

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Do you have a plan?

Okay, so it is not easy getting it right. But that is not the same as saying you should not do it.

If you deliver the right message at the right time you will get higher conversion rates and strengthen your brand at the same time. By getting the context right, you will be seen as a real helper not as someone who is making noise. Who would you prefer to buy from?

So what is your plan? What can you do to get the context right? Maybe you should start with that business case….

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